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New Blog Site

Hello everyone! As I haven’t written anything in quite a while, it became apparent that I either have to switch my site to something more usefull or to start writing again.

As I am always doing something but never talking about it, I figured this is as good an opportunity to start writing as any other. And I actually would like to do that.

So to grab that opportunity and have some fun, I decided to restart my blog and make it basically my status update site. Write what software I am writing, why I am writing it and what I am thinking about things.

For one this gives some insight for others that do packaging and development work. And on the other side I think and design quite some things that I am passionate about and would like to share more. But since writing themed articles takes a lot of time I want this to be more freestyle.

If you like this more freestyle kind of content enjoy the reading :) And let me know on the Socials what you guys think.