Toastys Website

New Website with SvelteKit

Hello everyone. So I recently had the desire to make a new Blog post since I now write with helix but hugo did not like me.

So I did what all time concious people do, I redid my blog from scratch…

As I want to get finally more into making Webdev stuff i decided to give one of the new server based frameworks a try. So I chose SvelteKit to have to possibility to later add nice features and portfolio and other parts to the site. I have copied all my blog posts and formatted them in the new svelte markdown extensions MDsvex The theme is still experimental so feedback is welcome. But I already like that I can include svelte components and render them like this:

I am a svelte component

So when I make a fancy code highlighter I can include it directly into my blog posts. Also I can see to add a slides page to my system to display the talks I have given before.

So for now enjoy this little update and more to come soon :)

— Toasty